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Avoiding Motor Vehicles Accidents During Construction Sites

With the spring season finally here, there are no snow banks in sight. We are finally able to ride our bikes and walk freely, but we are still facing the encounters of construction projects on the road. Construction zone sites leave workers, drivers and passengers at a high risk for injury. In some unfortunate cases, fatal accidents do occur.

Last month, National Work Zone Awareness Week was held throughout the country and observed by state officials. This yearly campaign begins during construction season with the goal of protecting drivers, passengers, construction works and others from incurring any injuries.

Here are a few helpful reminders for drivers while on construction sites:

• Be sure to move over when you see construction signs and lights
• Reduce the speed in work zone areas to avoid serious car injuries
• Pay close attention to roads through work zone areas and reduce distractions
• Notice signs and alternative routes
• No cell phone use (this includes texting)

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident on a construction site, you want an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Contact Morton J. Shuman, Attorney at Law to secure your legal representation.

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